In 2009 we also had the idea of cleaning and keeping the vineyards in check solely with the use of animals. This was initially tried on a small plot- just a few rows of vines-and subsequently extended to the 4 hectares of experimental vineyard.

Geese are our cleaners in the vineyard. It takes between 80 and 100 geese to clear one hectare of vineyard. They run free and feed on the grass that grows wild between the rows. At the moment we have 400 geese on the 4 hectares.

Our geese have become part of a project called “Pollo Rurale” (Rural Chicken), created by professor Cesare Castellini, in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture and Veterinary Science at Perugia University. Our partnership led us to discover that the meat of geese reared in this way is both tastier and healthier: a diet based on greens rather than animal feed together with the exercize they have by running free, vastly improves the content of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.