Nature is our philosophy


We are a true story on the Umbrian wine scene, fruit of two generations of winemakers who have passionately dedicated themselves to the land with a vision of organic and biodynamic cultivation and all those methods which are environmentally friendly.

Our philosophy starts in the vineyard: We are convinced that high-quality grapes can only be produced by working with care and by showing respect for the principles and rhythms of nature and the soil.

By embracing the conviction of low yield, correct management of the soil’s resources, and harvesting at the right moment of maturation, we help the land to give of its best.

Thanks to our understanding of the soil and the vines, and to hand-pruning of the individual plants, we are able to bring grapes to the winery which satisfy us, and produce wine that satisfies our customers.

Optimal cultivation of the vineyards is essential for the production of our wines. Only good-quality grapes will produce excellent wines.