We wanted to respect the environment, and combine the love we have for our work with quality production. As a result, we decided to experiment viticulture which has a low impact

on the environment. We now have 4 hectares of vineyard where no machines are used, and almost everything is carried out with the help of animals.

In 2009 we had the idea of introducing draught horses, because their treading the ground between the vines greatly reduces compacting of the soil compared with tractors, which inevitably destroy the soil structure and reduce its fertility.

We have several horses who work in our vineyards:

Dora, Flaminia e Maya, three CAITPR, big animals, and great workers .

Dalila, Percheron. She is extremely versatile and together with Dora, Flaminia and Maya take tourists around the vineyard as well.

Sebastian, our latest arrival, Maya’s son.


This partnership between man and beast has a healthy effect on Nature. Not only does it not compact the soil, it does not pollute the environment, as the use of fossil fuels is avoided. And besides, just compare the pleasure of working in complete silence, listening only to the whisperings of nature, or the deafening roar of the tractor. We are incurable romantics!