2010 Montefalco Sagrantino

We are glad to inform that the wine guidebook “Vini d’Italia 2015” by L’Espresso has selected our 2010 Montefalco Sagrantino among the Excellens of Wines.

Trebbiano, an italian great white wine

A beautiful event in Florence celebrating a grappe that have a great history in Italy. we was present with our Farandola wine. Great event, great day. Enjoy it!

Wine harvest with friends

The Di Filippo family don’t just talk about the harvest. It is something to be shared with friends. 2009 saw the first edition of this farm event. Anyone can take part in the grape picking and enjoy lunch in the vineyard, just as in country traditions of old. Fragrances, rites and anecdotes of popular tradition… Read more »

New wine with an original artist

Every years, an author. The close connection the Estate has with the land- evident in their wine production- is pictured on the labels of New Wine- reproductions of paintings inspired by a pastoral lifestyle- scenes of peasant life with fairytale hues and images of the Umbrian countryside.        

Pork in the vineyard

On “Open Cellars Day (Cantine Aperte), wander through the vineyards on a tour of fine wines and food. Real country cooking from Italy and other countries is prepared in the vineyards, where the chefs can show their skill in the fine art of cooking outdoors.   “Porc Session” also plays a part in this event…. Read more »